Student-Powered Hunger Relief

What We Bring to the Table (Our Value)

So what do you receive for your $1,200 annual fee? Below you will find all the resources, tools, and best practices that CKP provides all schools in the network.

Program Support

Full access to CKP program managers
Our staff brings over a decade of experience and expertise, whether it is assistance with physical program needs or guidance for program expansion. Each Campus Kitchen is assigned a program manager to assist them with their efforts.

The CKP network
Our network brings together like-minded students to act as incubators of new ideas and process. Affiliating with The Campus Kitchens Project allows you to join this community to share ideas and spread the replication of best practices and innovation.

On-site set up visit and training
A CKP national staff member will visit your new Campus Kitchen for two and a half days to help get you started. Once you’re up and running, you’ll have access to regular network chats/trainings with at least 12 relevant webinars a year.

Mentor support
More experienced schools will be matched with new schools to mentor them through the first year.

Back to school kit
At the beginning of each school year, we send all of our schools a fun box loaded with materials and information to get you started for another successful year of operations. Kits may include ServSafe books, t-shirts and annual reports.

Financial & In Kind Resources

National and local grant opportunities
CKP will provide in-house grant competitions for all Campus Kitchens in our network as well as connect kitchens with outside grant application opportunities.

Internships opportunities
Internships are available at national schools for cross kitchen training as well as partnerships and funding for various staffing levels at your university.

Fundraising assistance
Twice a year, our kitchens compete in fundraising events to help their kitchens grow. We provide online fundraising platforms and outreach materials.

Student Development & Best Practices

Boot Camp
This gathering of Campus Kitchens from across the country focuses on best practices for operations and effective community based organization management, as well as ServSafe training and certification.

National Conference with Celebration Gala
Students have an opportunity to gain real world skills such as event planning and networking while learning about the larger challenges facing our world.

The CKP Online Pantry
CKP has worked closely with dining services teams to design an approved HACCP paperwork system that will provide a guideline on how to maintain effective and safe procedure in the kitchen. In addition, tools such as a budgeting system help your Campus Kitchen run according to accepted nonprofit industry standards.

Technology & Integrated Marketing Support

Branding materials
Campus Kitchens have access to personalized logos, email addresses and other materials.

Social media support
Our kitchens primarily communicate through social media, and we provide insight into social media best practices.

The Campus Kitchens Project provides the following resources for a $1,200 annual affiliation fee. These resources, tools and best practices provide each school with the platform to create a Campus Kitchen quickly and effectively. Our continued support and expertise ensures that each Campus Kitchen remains sustainable and successful.

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