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Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City makes big impact at ‘Farm to School’ conference

, March 1st, 2012

Atlantic City @ Chilli Cook-off

This past weekend, the Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City (CKAtlC) presented at the New Jersey Farm to School Network Winter Conference, which took place in Atlantic City, NJ. The conference brought together a collaboration of K-12 schools, community groups, non-profits, businesses, higher education and statewide organizations, all of whom are working to bring good food to all NJ citizens.

CKAtlC represents a unique Campus Kitchen model because instead of only being associated with one school, the kitchen operates with five community partners, including: Stockton College, the Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Cap Community College, the Atlantic City Board of Education, Sodexo Food Services, and the Atlantic City Boys and Girls Club.

It was a powerful presentation as representatives from each of the five partners spoke about the program’s success and impact in the community. Additionally, representatives from the CKP National Office, the Atlantic City Food Bank, Atlantic City High School volunteers, and Atlantic City residents talked about CKPAtlC’s importance.

Some highlights included hearing about the mentoring role that many of the Academy of Culinary Arts students have taken on for the Atlantic City High School volunteers in the kitchen.

The audience also heard from people who receive meals from CKPAtlC, one of whom is now a student at the Academy of Culinary Arts thanks to connections made through CKPAtlC.

It was very impactful to see all the many components of CKAtlC together, and they left a great impression on the audience at the conference.

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