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Updates from ASB Food Justice Trip 2012

, March 30th, 2012

The Food Justice trip was an amazing learning experience. It was encouraging to meet such a diverse group of people who were also interested in food justice and sustainability. Everyone was so cooperative and maintained such a positive energy even through all the technical difficulties. I learned a lot more about issues of food justice thanks to speakers like Seung Hee Lee, who heads the Baltimore Healthy Carryouts Project, and Rachel Yong, who works on health intervention programs for kids. They spoke to us about the different methods used to approach the Baltimore community and implementation of healthy choices. And when we visited Lexington Market, we were able to see their work in progress. Just as we were told, there were green leaves posted on many carryout store menus indicating the healthier food options. The documentaries we watched over the week, like Food, Inc., The Garden, and Forks Over Knives left lasting impressions. These movies swept through a wide range of topics including the politics of the food industry and the healing powers of plant-based diets. Throughout the week, the group also visited various sites like Blue Jay’s Perch at JHU Eastern campus, Baltimore Free Farm, Real Food Farm, Moveable Feast, the church of Our Guardian Angel and DCCK. The greening activities gave me further insight into the process of sustainability and greening, while the kitchen activities reminded me of the great need for service and resources in the community. I had so much fun and I was also amazed at all the work the group had completed by the end of each work day. It was exhausting but everyone was so eager to help out!

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