Student-Powered Hunger Relief

New Campus Kitchen Coordinator at East Carolina University

, August 22nd, 2012

My name is Elizabeth Corney and I am the new Campus Kitchen Coordinator at Eastern Carolina University (CKECU). I will be with CKECU for one year as an AmeriCorps Campus Compact VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America). Basically, that means that I am volunteering for one year. I decided to become a VISTA because it offers an opportunity to serve communities and people. It also provides me with an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. As a VISTA, I do indirect service which means that I work to make service possible by expanding opportunities for CKECU. However, I’m still close enough to the front lines to see the impact of what I do.

I’m excited and eager to work with CKECU this year. I first heard about Campus Kitchens while interviewing for VISTA positions. It really struck me as something worth doing. I just graduated from college and saw firsthand the need for projects like this. There were so many times, when my friends and I noticed the abundance of food on campus and contrasted that with the reality of many who do not have such easy access to nutrition. I think the concept of Campus Kitchens is amazing and I’m really glad I can be a part of it.

CKECU is seeking to become a sustainable, student led program. My hope for this year is that the students realize their potential for leadership at CKECU and develop skills that will serve them in their post college lives.

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