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CKUGA senior spotlight

, May 10th, 2013

CKUGA wants to thank and congratulate all of our hard-working senior leadership team members on their graduation. Here’s their chance to recollect their contributions to Campus Kitchen and share what the future holds.

xanna spotlight pic


Where are you from? Douglasville, GA

What is your major? Dietetics, with a local food systems certificate

Where are you headed now? This summer, I’ll be in Oregon planning camps for grandparents and grandchildren. Then, I’ll be working with AmeriCorps in some capacity continuing to serve communities through nutrition education and food justice.

How has Campus Kitchen shaped your experience at UGA? It has made my last year at UGA the most impactful and memorable. I have loved my time working with Campus Kitchen because I’ve met so many awesome people who are changing this world, gained invaluable experience in my field and relating to my passions, and was able to serve Athens at the same time. Campus Kitchen at UGA has completely stolen my heart and I love this organization more than I could ever have imagined! Who knows, maybe my time working with The Campus Kitchens Project isn’t quite done yet.

A secret about yourself? I’m obsessed with trains! I secretly want to take a train tour of the US, but I have to become friends with a train conductor first because I want this tour to stop at every trestle because I also love train bridges.

Xanna has been an amazing addition to the leadership team and has been able to contribute in so many ways from meal planning to developing nutrition materials to cooking demos to designing the leadership retreat to SNAP outreach. No matter what she is asked to do, she gives it %100 and always has great results. She is passionate about what she does and truly is the model for what a leadership team member should be. Although we will miss her greatly I am really looking forward to all the amazing things she will undoubtedly accomplish outside of UGA. – Sarah Jackson, Program Coordinator

jack spotlight pic

Jack Spalding

Where are you from? Atlanta

What is your major? History and International Affairs

Where are you headed now? Atlanta, for an internship with the Carter Center

How has Campus Kitchen shaped your experience at UGA? It’s such a unique organization in that there are so many different opportunities for volunteering, and there are so many awesome people who volunteer with Campus Kitchen.  I really enjoyed being able to not only do bread pickups on the bike-cart, but also being able to harvest at the UGArden, as well as deliver meals, and sometimes even help cook. Being able to deliver meals was especially rewarding due to the fact that I was able to meet such kind, appreciative people struggling with hunger in Athens, and I was able to feel like I was truly making a difference. Deliveries really open your eyes to the serious poverty which grips many parts of Athens, and I think that without my experience through Campus Kitchen, I would never have come to understand the magnitude of this problem. That being said, I think that my time with Campus Kitchen has solidified my desire to continue to help those in need, especially with regards to hunger and food recovery, as I venture on into the world after college.

A secret about yourself? I wish that I was a professional golfer.

Jack is such a trooper. No matter what the request, I will always get a “roger that” and a helping hand. Not many college students would get up every single Wednesday morning even in the winter to do the bike cart route and pick up bread, but Jack sure did. One morning, I found him wearing a pair of tube socks on his hands because it was so cold and he didn’t have any gloves. While funny, this really does embody Jack–he is truly dedicated to our cause and will make our efforts happen no matter what. He will be very missed in the Garden, on the bike, and during deliveries. – Sarah Jackson, Program Coordinator

silki spotlight pic

Silki Modi

Where are you from? Duluth, GA

What is your Major?   Biology, Psychology, Pre-Medicine

Where are you headed now? I’m taking a gap year and then going to medical school!

How has Campus Kitchen shaped your experience at UGA? I’ve always been involved in service organizations, but I never had any experience with senior hunger. I was surprised to learn how big of an issue it is nationally, and our sustainable approach to tackling it has inspired me to search for more efficient and self-sustaining ways to serve the community through my other activities. I gained a much more insightful and well-rounded experience in community service and in student organizations at UGA because of Campus Kitchen.

A secret about yourself? I’m an adrenaline junkie.

Silki has been our wonderful behind the scenes administrator. Keeping track of so many volunteer is no easy task, but she has done it steadfast and without complaint. She has dabbled in so many different aspects of our operations from recruiting volunteers at our tabling events, to setting up fundraisers, to putting on a great volunteer appreciation event. Her organization and reliability make it clear she is going to be successful in whatever she does, and Campus Kitchen will certainly miss her! – Sarah Jackson Program Coordinator

katie spotlight pic

Katie Faulkner

Where are you from? Peachtree City, GA

What is your major? Art History/Women’s Studies

Where are you headed now? I will be sticking around another year to complete prerequisites for a graduate program and then hopefully I will be continuing on to get my Doctorate in Occupational Therapy!

How has Campus Kitchen shaped your experience at UGA? Campus Kitchen has definitely shaped my experience very positively. I believe it is important for students at UGA to reach out into the community and leave the bubble of academia. Campus Kitchen has given me the opportunity to step outside of this bubble to experience the Athens community. It has added something special to my time here at UGA because I have been able to form bonds with the families that we deliver to and the clients I visit for SNAP

A secret about yourself? My biggest guilty pleasure is watching Real Housewives of Orange County!

Katie always has a great attitude and smiling face and a willingness to help whenever she is needed. She has grown to have a passion for working with older adults, and it is clear in her dedication. She has been behind the success of so many of our event including congregate meals, garden day with the grandchildren, percentage nights. She is a power house event planner! Despite having to start from scratch with many of these events, she has really set a solid foundation and we have been lucky to have her! – Sarah Jackson, Program Coordinator

julia spotlight pic

Julia Jones

Where are you from? Ringgold, GA

What is your major? Women’s Studies

Where are you headed now? Grad School at UGA!  I’ll be getting a Master of Social Work.

How has Campus Kitchen shaped your experience at UGA? Campus Kitchen has really encouraged me to engage with the community.  I’ve learned a lot about how hunger is affecting seniors in Athens, and I’ve met some wonderful people.

A secret about yourself? I’m pretty sure the reason I’m a feminist now is because I watched Xena with my parents when I was a kid.

Campus Kitchen has been lucky to have Julia as an intern this past semester and she has really been willing to do it all: meal planning, delivering, working in the garden, recording volunteer forms, anything and everything! Without her there would be many meals unpackaged on Monday mornings, but she is always up early and ready to go! It’s this great go with the flow attitude that has made Julia such a wonderful contributor. – Sarah Jackson, Program Coordinator

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