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Chili for a cause

, October 11th, 2013

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Yesterday, five young men from the Campus Kitchen at Gonzaga College High School (CKGCHS) walked over to neighboring DC Central Kitchen with a single mission: to concoct a crowd-pleasing chili.

The students participated in a chili cook off sponsored by Hilton Worldwide‘s Global Week of Service, and were joined by teams from Hospitality High School and Global Kids. Each team had 90 minutes to create a pot of chicken, beef or vegetarian chili using nearly any ingredients they wanted.

To prepare for the cook off, all of the students witnessed demonstrations earlier in the week by three professional chefs, where they learned about basic chili components, how different flavors interact and, by the end of the demonstrations, how to make a chicken, beef and vegetarian chili.

During Thursday’s cook off, each team used those recipes to varying degrees. The students from the Campus Kitchen at Gonzaga College High School took what they learned from the vegetarian and beef chili demonstrations and created a beef bacon chili (which included a variety of vegetables). The  Global Kids team cooked up a beef chili based on the recipe they learned earlier in the week as well, while the Hospitality High School team created their own mambo chicken chili recipe.

When the chili was cooked, the teams were judged by four local Hilton executive chefs, who also watched the students cook and were on hand to answer any culinary questions the students had. (For example: how many fresh tomatoes equals a can of diced tomatoes?)

In the end, the judges deemed the contest too close to call, and each student received a brand new kitchen utensil from Hilton. Fittingly, the leftover chili was saved to be used in DC Central Kitchen’s meals the next day.

Congratulations to the boys from CKGCHS on a job well done!

See pictures from the event here.

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