Student-Powered Hunger Relief

10 Campus Kitchens awarded grants to address older adult hunger

, March 4th, 2015

uga-page-headerA three-year, $625,000 investment in The Campus Kitchens Project from AARP Foundation will allow Campus Kitchens across the country to better address older adult hunger in their communities – and will support the development of materials to allow other organizations to do the same.

10 Campus Kitchens have been selected to receive grants supporting their focus on the growing problem of older adult hunger. Those Campus Kitchens are:

In addition to providing more meals to older adults, student-led Campus Kitchen chapters at these universities will create replicable programs that have the power to fix the root causes of hunger specific to the older adult population. With a rising senior population that already includes nearly 9 million older Americans at risk of hunger, the 10 Campus Kitchens working on this initiative were selected for their promising new solutions to older adult hunger in their communities. From the Lunch Buddy program at University of Georgia to the Mobile Market at Washington and Lee University, student volunteers at these 10 Campus Kitchens will evaluate the most effective programs for addressing older adult hunger and isolation. They will then pool their knowledge to create a book of best practices available to any organization interested in tackling older adult hunger in their own community.

We’re teaching the students we work with to go beyond the idea of traditional charity and look for those levers of change that will address the underlying systemic problems – and we’re looking forward to documenting their efforts and sharing them with others engaged in eradicating older adult hunger.

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