Student-Powered Hunger Relief

Welcoming our Newest Campus Kitchen!

, June 2nd, 2017


Last fall, a team at NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) saw a need in their community and were looking for ways to reduce food waste and food insecurity. With five training kitchens, passionate culinary students and willing staff, it made perfect sense to bring a Campus Kitchen to NWACC. The opportunity that CKP provides for connections between the school and community stood out to the faculty and staff at NWACC and Brightwater Culinary School.

“We are so excited to bring all the amazing things people are already doing in the Northwest Arkansas area together through the Campus Kitchen at NorthWest Arkansas Community College,” said Lauren Altimont-Peiser, student adviser and food recovery project overseer for Brightwater. “Working with local nonprofits, volunteers, and businesses that are passionate about helping people makes this project extremely dynamic. We can’t wait to see how it will evolve and grow from here.”

The Campus Kitchen at NorthWest Arkansas Community College (CKNWACC) joined our national network this week with a volunteer cooking shift and celebration lunch. Volunteers prepared approximately 80 healthy meals using recovered food from Seeds that Feed, the Downtown Rogers Farmers Market, and Tricycle Farms, and delivered them to three income-based senior housing centers in Northwest Arkansas. This event also kicked off CKNWACC’s partnership with Copia, a technology that will provide food waste tracking analytics and enhanced tax deductions for donors, enhancing the efficiency of food recovery in Northwest Arkansas.

With the launch of the program, NWACC will become the second community college to join our national network of over 60 schools. CKNWACC will partner with the NWACC Food Pantry, which serves students, faculty and staff, throughout the year by delivering recovered food from weekly culinary classes at Brightwater. CKNWACC will also deliver a hot lunch to the Samaritan Community Center and serve dinners at the local Salvation Army.

Sponsored by the Food Studies and Student Life departments, CKNWACC will work on both the NWACC and Brightwater campuses. They will recover prepared food from Brightwater Culinary School and deliver it to Samaritan Community Center, the local Salvation Army, and the NWACC Food Pantry once a week. CKNWACC will also prepare and serve a large community meal on Fridays with leftover ingredients from Brightwater Culinary School classes.

We are looking forward to seeing CKNWACC continue to grow on their campus and in their community. To learn more about bringing a Campus Kitchen to your school, check out our Campus Kitchen Planner.

Read more about the CKNWACC Launch Event here!

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