Student-Powered Hunger Relief

Developing Student Leaders


The following information comes from independent surveys of students who volunteered with The Campus Kitchens Project.

Volunteering with a Campus Kitchen has a powerful impact on current student leaders and alumni.

100% have gained a sense of community on-campus with their peers

98% are more confident in their leadership abilities

97% feel they are more likely to get a job (same percent current students and alums)

97% are more able to identify with the situation of the people we serve

65% changed or further confirmed their career path (for our most dedicated volunteers who commit 10+ hours/week this was 90%)


What volunteers have to say about their experience with The Campus Kitchens Project:

“The skills I learned have taught me how to create a nonprofit, manage a nonprofit, and raise the funds necessary to maintain a nonprofit. I also have learned how to connect with people that I serve in order to meet their wants and needs.”

“I really love the work and the mission of the Campus Kitchen. There are so many wonderful things that our organization does and I love being part of every single one of them- from fighting food waste and being an advocate for the environment to serving meals and fighting hunger and working with all the wonderful people that fighting the same fight. Campus Kitchens not only allows me to give back to the community, but to be a vital part of the community and I am thankful for that. “

“I am more likely now to get involved on campus and to speak up about issues concerning social justice.”

“Campus Kitchens is not only a great way to get involved with issues of food waste and food insecurity by serving those in need in your local community, it is also an amazing way to connect with like-minded peers on your campus in working together to solve these pressing problems.”

“It had taught me how to be a better leader, teacher, learner, and community member.”

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